Private equity investments are stakes in businesses that are not traded on public equity markets. It includes venture capital, growth equity and buy-outs. These types of investments offer investors a larger universe of investment opportunities and the potential for better returns.


Private equity investments are particularly attractive in today’s markets. Initiatives to build better companies, aided by management team expertise, digitalization, and efficiency gains/cost management, could result in higher profitability. Opportunities arising from secular and cyclical shifts and technological disruption are creating new business models. The disposal of non-core assets, could create attractive merger and acquisition opportunities.

Types of private equity investments

Venture capital


Minority equity investments to help companies launch, develop, or expand initial operations.

Growth equity


Minority equity investments to help companies grow quickly by expanding operations or entering new markets.



Majority equity investments in companies to gain control of mature firms and operating cash flows.

Potential benefits of private equity investments

Higher returns due to market inefficiencies

Private equity markets tend to be more inefficient than public equity markets, particularly for small to medium organizations. Private equity firms can take advantage of the mispricing and potentially earn higher returns.

Expanded universe of investment opportunities

99% of medium sized organizations are not traded on listed equity markets and only 3% are owned by private equity firms1. Private business therefore represent a significant opportunity for investors.

An illiquidity premium

A lack of liquidity vs. public markets has an upside for investors in the form of an illiquidity premium. Those who deploy capital to private equity may potentially earn higher returns as a result.

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1 Source: PitchBook, Bloomberg, National Center for the Middle Market.

2 As of June 30, 2021.


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