Private debt refers to loans that are typically made by non-bank investors. Companies typically access private debt to finance growth, expand their working capital, or fund real estate development. Institutional investors have increasingly turned to private debt as a source of diversified returns. With government bond yields at historically low levels, direct lending to companies can offer a significant yield differential compared to the cash flows available on liquid fixed-income securities.

Potential benefits of private debt investments


Might generate better yields via higher spreads than liquid credit markets


Could deliver better risk-adjusted returns, as higher yields don`t have to come with greater risk


Help diversify a portfolio with loans that have a low correlation to listed stocks and bonds

Mercer’s approach to private debt


We believe that successful investing in this asset class rests on three key pillars:

Diversification across private debt

Flexibility to manage through the cycle

The addition of credit alpha

We have 26 years’ experience and USD 12.1 billion in private debt assets under advisement.1 Talk to us to see how we could help you.

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