Impact investments seek to make sustaining positive change. Institutional investors in this asset class are typically focused on improving environmental, social, and economic outcomes.


Historically, impact investments have tended to focus on climate issues and while climate goals remain integral to many investor allocations, the opportunity set is broadening to focus on social and governance issues. This expanded approach opens up a tremendous number of opportunities for investors looking to make a difference with their capital.


We believe a sustainable investment approach is more likely to create and preserve long-term investment capital. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors can have a material impact on long-term risk and return outcomes and should be integrated into the investment process. Taking a broader and longer-term perspective on risk, including identifying sustainability themes and trends, is likely to lead to improved risk management and new investment opportunities.


Climate change poses a systemic risk, and investors should consider the potential financial impacts of both the associated transition to a low-carbon economy and the physical impacts of different climate outcomes. Governance helps the realization of long-term shareholder value by providing investors with an opportunity to enhance the value of companies and markets.

Potential benefits of impact investing strategies

Strong demand

There will be an estimated $5 trillion of low-carbon business opportunities by 2030 and a projected $26 trillion gain in GDP as a result of a low-carbon growth model1

Social pressures

2 billion people currently live without basic sanitation, and 100 million risk falling back into poverty by 2030 if climate change goals are not realized2

Resource pressures

Food production is estimated to rise by 70% by 2050, and a 40% freshwater supply/gap is expected by 20303

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Important legal information for investors


1 Source: Business and Sustainable Development Commission (2017) & New Climate Economy (2018).

2 Source: World Health Organization and Business and Sustainable Development Commission (2017).

3 Source: Sources: Food and Agricultural Organization and World Bank Group.


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