Co-investments are direct private market investments into a single company instead of a diversified blind pool portfolio, such as a primary private markets fund. Co-investments are made alongside the General Partner of a primary private markets fund, which is investing at the same time and on principally the same conditions.


Opportunities for co-investments arise when a private markets manager identifies an attractive transaction requiring its fund to invest more equity than its diversification or other limits allow. Rather than forego the opportunity, the fund manager syndicates the excess equity investment to the fund’s Limited Partners (LP) or other strategic investors.

Types of co-investments

Potentially lower fees and higher net returns

Investors may be able to access these opportunities at reduced or even zero management or performance fees. This may result in higher net returns.

Accelerated capital deployment

Co-investments may result in a private markets program reaching its targeted allocation sooner. In addition, upfront funding and potential fee savings may lower the J‑Curve effect.

Diversification and control

Co-investments provide flexibility to target investments by strategy, geography, or deal size, which helps to achieve the desired allocation while providing diversification, depending on deal flow.

Stronger GP and LP partnerships

By working together on a specific project, the GP and LP may strengthen their understanding for each other, ultimately paving the way for future transactions.

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