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Embracing equity, inclusion and belonging

Episode 31; Length: 19:24

In the discussions about the evolving future of work, the idea of transitioning from traditional roles into skills-based work has many people excited. But it brings with it a challenge that we cannot overlook. According to our Global Talent Trends study, women tend not to believe that the skills that they have today could be suitable for a role they might move in tomorrow. This brings concern for gender equity in the future of work.

Guest speaker:
Dr. Sian Beilock, President of Barnard College, Columbia University and President-Elect of Dartmouth

Attract and retain the talent you need

Episode 30; Length: 24:51

Organizations worldwide are facing big challenges. Whether it is talent shortages, inflationary challenges and how they affect compensation, or recession concerns in different countries, 2023 is starting as a challenge. Our conversation today features three global experts from Mercer talking about these talent challenges and opportunities.

Guest speaker:
Jackson Kam, Vince Cordova and Raphaele Nicaud from Mercer

Prioritizing a living wage with Yara

Episode 29; Length: 15:50

Forward-thinking organizations are reinventing themselves under the new shape of work as responsible, innovative employers making proactive commitments to good work. In this episode, hear how Yara International is working to ensure a living wage across their full time employees.

Guest speaker:
Ronan Maher, Senior Vice President of People and Organizational Performance at Yara International

How the economy is influencing business and people agendas

Episode 28; Length: 9:39

In this episode, we speak with Amelia Hadfield the Head of the Department of Politics, Dean International at the University of Surrey about the current economic situation and the potential impacts on the business and people agendas in 2023.

Guest speaker:
Amelia Hadfield the Head of the Department of Politics, Dean International  The University of Surrey

Managing the human energy crisis

Episode 26; Length: 21:20

We are seeing a human energy crisis in workplaces today. Our Global Talent Trends research showed that people are feeling especially depleted. In this episode, we are talking about the need to work collectively as individuals and organizations to recognize and resolve the human energy crisis.

Guest speaker:
Eren Rosenfeld Managing Director, Leadership at The Energy Project

The ROI of supporting employee mental health

Episode 26; Length: 25:16

Employees have been bruised by the events of the last two years and many are feeling a form of despair, anxiety and a lost sense of belonging. Employers can address mental health challenges through benefits and culture to encourage employees to bring their best self to work and, in turn, see a positive impact on productivity.

Guest speaker:
Wolfgang Seidl, Leader of workplace Health consulting in the UK and Europe for Mercer Marsh Benefits

Total rewards at the center of innovation at SAP

Episode 25; Length: 29:19

Learn how total rewards goes beyond compensation and benefits to support transformation and innovation of employee culture and careers at SAP. And how the balance between vision and pragmatism helps SAP to continue moving into a skills-based future with employees understanding their how they fit in the transformation journey.

Guest speaker:
Chetna Singh, Head of Total Rewards at SAP

Radically transforming HR with BMW

Episode 24; Length: 20:46

With tight labor markets, there is an increased focus on employee experience to help attract and retain the talent you need today and in the future. In this episode, Moritz Kippenberger with BMW discusses the need to radically transform HR operations to meet employees shifted expectations around work. 

Guest speaker:
Moritz Kippenberger, Head of HR services at BMW Group

Delivering flexibility and security at Unilever

Episode 23; Length 23:08

Workplace flexibility is high on the business agenda and organizations are looking at adjustments to their operating models. In this episode, Placid Jover, Unilever’s VP HR for Latin America, talks about a new approach to talent management that balances the need for critical skills and workforce flexibility to help both the company and employees succeed.

Guest speaker:
Placid Jover, Unilever’s VP HR for Latin America

Help employees thrive with total well-being

Episode 22; Length: 14:19

Executives ranked total well-being as one of the top employee initiatives that will deliver ROI in 2022. Learn what employees are looking for from their employers based on the Health on Demand research, and how employers are responding by offering new and innovative benefits programs.

Guest speaker:
Nicole Passmore Cohen, Principal, Advice & Solutions, Global Health & Benefits at Mercer

Redesigning work, working, and the workplace

Episode 21; Length: 15:24

Employers are managing through a tremendous amount of change. In this episode, Ravin Jesuthasan and Brian Fisher with Mercer discuss employers’ need for agility, and how technology, new operating models and cultures need to come together to help employers be successful in the future of work.

Guest speakers:
Brian Fisher, Global Skills Solutions Lead Mercer
Ravin Jesuthasan, Global Transformation leader Mercer

Balancing talent and transformation ambitions with Bayer

Episode 20; Length 28:04

At its core, transformation is more than just business model transformation, it is also about people. We can start the transformation journey by thinking about the needs of our people and our cultures to help us define the path forward.

Guest speaker:
Sarena Lin, Chief Transformation and Talent officer with Bayer

Breaking the gender bias

Episode 19; length 16:05 min

With men still holding the majority of the positions of power in the global workforce, gender equality will simply not happen without their involvement. Join us as Mercer’s Angela Berg discusses how to equip men to participate in the DEI journey and how embedding DEI across the organization can lead to competitive advantage.

Guest speakers:
Angela Berg, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader within Mercer’s transformation practice

A revitalized vision for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce

Episode 18; length 23:18 min

COVID-19, racial and social unrest, and a growing ESG agenda have accelerated the need for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world. Join as Till Leopold and Gitanjali Chaturvedi from the World Economic Forum discuss how companies can make a positive societal change as part of their own sustainability agendas.

Guest speakers:
Till Leopold and Gitanjali Chaturvedi from the World Economic Forum

Progressing ESG and sustainability goals

Episode 17; length 16:57 min

At this stage in the pandemic, many organizations are finding themselves on growth trajectories again. But, those growth trajectories need to be sustainable and factor in environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals to meet the expectations of employees, customers and investors.

Guest speaker:
Kai Anderson, Transformation leader for Mercer Europe

Reskilling employees to win the war for talent

Episode 16; length 15:09 min

In part two of our conversation with Tripti Jha, we discuss the importance of skills, building a skill-fueled culture, and how you might approach the talent marketplace as a way to bring in new skills to the organization, and to build skills more effectively in the organization.

Guest speakers:
Tripti Jha, Chief Talent and People Solutions officer at Novartis

Employee well-being is a core part of your business culture

Episode 15; length 29:13 min

Tripti Jha, Novartis discusses the shift away from seeing well-being as a benefit, as well as how the unbossed culture journey that Novartis started prior to the pandemic has allowed them to focus both on understanding and meeting employee needs, and working toward their vision and purpose for the future of working.

Guest speaker:
Tripti Jha, Chief Talent and People Solutions officer at Novartis

Evolving for the new shape of work while optimizing for today

Episode 14; length 31:27 min

David Henderson Group CHRO at Zurich Insurance shares how the future of work has shifted during the pandemic; the critical role that upskilling and reskilling play in having an organization that can perform today and stay relevant tomorrow; and the role of psychological safety as they build toward work sustainability.

Guest speaker:
David Henderson, Group CHRO at Zurich Insurance

Addressing people risks in the US healthcare industry

Episode 13; length 22:48 min

The healthcare industry faces a variety of significant risks from rising demand for service, rapid technology adoption and a workforce on the front line of the pandemic response. We discuss these issues and ideas on how providers can address these issues now and in the near future.

Guest speakers:
Gisele Norris, Managing Director, US National Healthcare Practice at Marsh
John Derse, Partner, Healthcare Industry Vertical Leader

Is the future of work agenda shifting?

Episode 12; length 12:48 min

The workplace and the workforce has changed at an accelerated pace. It's clear that we're still figuring out how best to respond to this new landscape. We're diving into how the future work agenda has been reset, and what individuals, companies and societies do to thrive in this new world order.

Guest speaker:
Till Leopold, World Economic Forum

Flexing to support growth at Pandora

Episode 11; length 30:04 min

77% of companies said that flexibility is going to drive their transformation agenda this year. Companies are looking to understand how to develop a more flexible workforce and work model. Michele Wilkinson, Chief Talent Officer at Pandora shares Pandora’s journey.

Guest speaker:
Michele Wilkinson, Chief Talent Officer at Pandora

Factoring DEI data into business decisions at GE

Episode 10; length 18:48 min

Organizations’ are increasingly focused on ensuring that different populations of their employees are truly thriving. Join us as we speak with Travis Barton, Talent manager and analytics leader at GE to hear the proactive steps that GE has taken on the path to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment.

Guest speaker:
Travis Barton, Talent manager and analytics leader at GE

Leading the way on diversity

Episode 9; length 18:06 min

The pandemic has magnified the impacts of social inequality. There is more awareness of racial discrimination, gender inequalities, and mental health challenges. It is more critical than ever for companies who want to remain relevant and best positioned for the future to have leaders committed to DEI.

Guest speakers:
Angela Berg, Mercer Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and engagement practice partner
David Jackson, Mercer talent strategy partner

Accelerating diversity equity and inclusion

Episode 8; length 17:42 min

Despite good intentions, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts do not always achieve the desired results. Learn more about the challenges of the prevalent “Say/Do” gap and tangible steps that can help employers make meaningful progress and lasting change.

Guest speaker:
Rayna Edwards, Workforce strategy and analytics principal

Longer working lives demand a flexible approach to retirement

Episode 7; length 22:58 min

Flexible working supports longer and more fulfilling careers, giving employees newfound freedom and employers access to experienced talent. Interestingly, it’s also an inclusive way to support ALL generations in the workforce, an important component of today’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agendas.

: Yvonne Sonsino, Partner and Global Co-Leader of Mercer’s Next Stage platform, Mercer

Keeping benefit plan costs under control

Episode 6; length 15:35 min

Providing cost-effective benefit plans that protect and improve health requires optimizing costs while maintaining a focus on employee wellbeing. Employee benefits programs play an important role in supporting the employee retention, engagement, and employee wellbeing. But COVID-19 has brought uncertainty to medical trend rates and risks to cost containment and employee health. Listen to learn more.

: Amy Laverock, Mercer Marsh Benefits Global Strategic Initiatives and Solutions Leader

Mapping HR’s bold new future 

Episode 5; length 12:05 min

Mercer’s Global Talent Trends research shares four key trends that will enable companies to navigate in the future. COVID-19 has accelerated many trends identified in Mercer’s Global Talent Trends report. Listen to hear how the top four trends are reshaping HR strategies and prompting organizations to reimagine the employee experience. Listen to learn more.

: Kate Bravery, Mercer global advisory solutions & insights leader

Supporting mental health when returning to the workplace

Episode 4; length 25:02 min

Pairing empathy and design thinking can support plans for a safe return to work factoring in the diverse physical, mental, and social needs of the workforce to provide a balance of flexibility and stability. Empathetic leaders are well placed to support employee health and wellbeing, and identify early warning signs that employees are struggling. Listen to learn more.

: Wolfgang Seidl, Mercer Partner and Workplace Health Consulting leader

The benefit of talent sharing

Episode 3; length 20:19 min

Temporary talent sharing can help you optimize costs and workforce — and avoid layoffs — by flexing roles and talent, allowing employees to learn new skills in new environments. Listen to learn more.

: Brian Fischer, Mercer’s global leader for job evaluation and career frameworks

Using prediction to navigate the return to work

Episode 2; length 19:37 min

The uncertainty brought by the pandemic has made navigating critical business decisions more difficult. Oliver Wyman’s Pandemic Navigator™ provides robust and accurate forecasts for the evolution of the pandemic for the upcoming 3 to 6 to weeks as well as macro-economic forecasts, industry-specific revenues and costs under a number of plausible epidemic scenarios until medical breakthroughs or vaccination emerges in mass scale. Listen to learn more.

: Ethan Murray, Partner and Global capabilities leader for the digital practice at Oliver Wyman

New ways of working and living 

Episode 1; length 15:18 min

Looking at the coronavirus in three phases – respond, return, and reinvent – can help employers plan for the unique challenges that businesses must address in each phase. The crisis has shifted how we work and is providing the opportunity to incorporate the successful changes we’ve made in our daily work in response to COVID-19. Listen to learn more.

Guest: Norman Dreger, Partner and CEO Mercer Germany

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    Kate Bravery

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    Kate Bravery is a Partner and the Global Advisory Solutions & Insight Leader for Mercer’s business.  She has more than 20 years of experience in human capital consulting and helping organizations achieve a talent advantage through people.


    She has expertise in people strategy, talent management, assessment / leadership development and HR process design.  She has held office and market leadership positions in multiple countries.  Prior to her current role, she was the growth market regional practice leader for the talent strategy business.


    Kate is a chartered organizational psychologist.  She has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Psychology from City University of London in the United Kingdom, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Australia. Kate has two young children and lives with her family in UK.